All About Microscope Calibration

To calibrate a Microscope Camera System or a Microscope Eyepiece Reticle/Scale you will need a Micrometer Slide. if you have a metallurgical microscope, you will need a reflective Micrometer Slide

Micrometer Slides (also known as Stage Graticules, Stage Micrometers and Calibration Slides) are generally standard microscope slides with scales & patterns etched or printed on them.

The scales come in a huge variety of sizes, subdivision accuracies and patterns. The slides are typically 76x25mm standard size and made of glass (for bottom illuminated microscopes) or of polished metal (for reflected light materials/metallurgical microscopes). If you cannot find anything here, we can obtain it for you, please ask. These slides are used to calibrate microscopes so measurements can be made.

To make measurements or to perform particle sizing on your microscope without a suitable Microscope Camera System you will need an Eyepiece Reticle as well as a Micrometer Slide

Eyepiece Reticles are similar scales placed in eyepieces. The reticles are available not only as scales of different sizes and orientations but also in additional patterns such as counting grids and particle sizes. Reticles come in a variety of sizes dependant on the eyepiece diameter - not all eyepieces can have them fitted. It is best usually to use a specialist 'focussing' eyepiece to ensure that the subject and the scale are both in focus at the same time. Fitting to existing eyepiece requires the presence of a retaining ring and an absolutely precise measurement of the inner diameter of the eyepiece where the reticle is to be fitted.

To perform counting of objects such as cells on your microscope without a suitable Microscope Camera System you will need either:

1. an Eyepiece Reticle with a counting grid and Micrometer Slide (so the grid can be calibrated) or

2. a specialist Micrometer Slide with a Counting Grid and usually a special coverglass.

Many of the Reticles we have available are already pre-fitted into specialist focussing eyepieces.

Please ask for advice, we can provide almost any eyepiece reticle of any size.