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Adapters to Attach C-Mount Cameras to Microscopes

In this section you will find our range of C-mount Microscope Camera Adapters which will fit a variety of microscopes from different manufacturers.

To get the right C-mount for your microscope it is worth reading the following guide to establish the characteristics of your system.

Type of camera mount

The most common microscopy camera is c-mount, these adapters are generally the lowest cost and most effective class of adapter for microscopy and the entire microscope manufacturing industry has standardised on this type of camera adapter. Anything else is considered 'a special. The more expensive is your brand of microscope, the more expensive will be the adapter.

Frequently requested are adapters to connect domestic cameras to microscopes. We have a huge amount of expertise in this area and manufacture our own range of adapters, but customers must be aware of the difficulties of this coupling because the microscope nor the camera are designed for this task. Generally speaking only DSLR or equivalent cameras can be connected with varying success. This variation in success is because DSLR cameras are not considered a standard accessory by any microscope manufacturer in the world, there being simply far too many variables to guarantee a satisfactory result and this class of camera is simply not designed for convenient use on a microscope. But, when it works, it can give superb results, For these we supply a T-Mount adapter kit for your own experimentation. Beware of 100% guarantees of good results from internet companies selling cheap solutions!! To see our available DSLR adaptor kits please contact us

The microscope port

Trinocular headed microscopes with a photoport are the best type.

Eyepiece tubes can be used to attach cameras but with obvious inconveniencing effects and trying to attach heavy DSLR-type cameras to an eyepiece tube often requires additional support for the camera and may damage the microscope.

Microscope make and model

All microscopes have different diameter camera ports and the formation of the image occurs are different distances above the ports and some require additional relay lenses to be inserted. There is no such thing as a single adapter that will fit multiple models of microscope. Please give us a call or email with the precise microscope model and age so we can provide you with the best solution.


C-Mounts come in a variety of different magnifications which affects field of view and brightness of the image, the magnification should be matched to the sensor size on the camera.