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AFDM is a series of electric controlled continuous zoom and autofocus all-in-one digital microscope with a large field of view by ToupTek Photonics. It is integrated with HDMI/USB/ETH/WiFi camera, Electric Controlled Continuous Zoom Auto-focus Objective and LED Integrated Illumination Light.

A high quality 2MP, versatile, multi-output c-mount camera 2.9 micron pixels. Outputs include 1080P HDMI, USB2 and SD card slot.

5.3MP USB-2 C-Mount Camera with a high grade Sony Exmor sensor.

0.5 X C-mount: 23.2mm eyepiece tube adapter

1X C-mount: 23.2mm eyepiece tube adapter

This USB-3 20MP camera is designed for use as a highly competent astrophotography camera incorporating cooled Sony Exmoor R (back-illuminated) or RS sensors for super-high sensitivity.

5MP USB-2 C-Mount Camera with onboard memory for high frame rate and low noise.

5.1MP USB-2 Eyepiece Tube Camera to fit a 23.2mm eyepiece tube

A superb quality 8MP, versatile, multi-output c-mount cameras.  Outputs include 4K HDMI, Network, USB and SD card slot.

HDMI/WLAN/USB Output Auto-Focus C-mount CMOS Camera

This is a very easy to use, high quality digital monozoom microscope comprising of a high quality monozoom microscope optical body, with an integrated LED ring light, coupled to an integrated camera to provide a superb live 4K resolution HDMI output image to your display.

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