ICMOS Series USB2.0 Mini CMOS, C-Mount, Triggered, ToupCam Camera Series 3MP. SELECT CAMERA >

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ICMOS Series C-mount USB2.0 CMOS Camera


  • Standard C-Mount camera with Aptina or OnSemi CMOS sensor;
  • Dimensions: 29x29x29 mm excluding lens holder, without optics (metal case);
  • 8-pin Hirose HR25-7TR-8PA GPIO connector for trigger, strobe (Optional);
  • USB 2.0 interface with screw locks for camera control, data, and power;
  • Ultra-Fine color engine with perfect color reproduction capability;
  • With advanced video & image processing application ToupView;
  • Providing Windows/Linux/OSX multiple platform SDK;
  • Native C/C++, C#, DirectShow, Twain Control API;


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